Health and Medication Advice

Health and Medication Advice

We offer a wide range of helpful advice

Make us your first port of call: Our ease of access, extensive medical knowledge and experience, and direct access to first aid and over the counter medications makes us the most convenient and and effective choice for all your minor medical conditions and incidents. Drop in-store anytime and one of our experienced assistants or the Pharmacist will be more than happy to help out.

EasyClinic: Our EasyClinic focus topics for 2019 are Heart Health, Pain Management, Diabetes Care and Skin Complaints. For each topic our pharmacists run a clinic which focuses on prevention and wellness, treatment and advice, and monitoring and management. Getting your health check at our pharmacy can help you manage and possibly prevent health conditions before they get to an unmanageable level. All you need to do is make an appointment with our staff!

Medication Reviews: Our accredited Consultant Pharmacists are committed to working with you and your health care providers to develop an individual medication plan. Our goal is to help each patient maximise the benefits of their medications while minimising or preventing adverse effects, interactions, costs, and waste. Medication Reviews can be in-store or in your own home.

Diabetes Care: As a registered ‘Access Point’ for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), both Wangi and Rathmines Pharmacies stock a wide range of diabetes-related products, some of which can be supplied at subsidised prices. We also have the latest blood glucose monitors available at low or no-cost depending on your individual circumstance.

If you have diabetes, our pharmacists can offer you a specialist diabetes Medicine Review to review your medications, improve your use of blood glucose monitoring devices through training and education, and provide you with a documented ‘ action plan’ to help manage your diabetes.